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The Teenage Book of Manners

A teenage manners book? You must be kidding! Isn’t that a contradiction in terms…like “jumbo shrimp” or “holy war”? Teenagers and manners just don’t seem to go together. Teens who feel comfortable in jeans don’t want to be straitjacketed under the guise of manners. But the book you’re holding in your hands doesn’t split hairs. It’s full of adventure, humor, and pain, practical tips on bringing out our best. It helps teens gain confidence, avoid embarrassing situations, make friends easily, and develop their immune systems against the bumps and bruises of life. The Teen Book of Manners…Please! is a learning experience, but it’s a fun one! What do you get when you take a best-selling author of teenage books, the cartoonist who wrote and illustrated Archie comics for over thirty years, another best-selling author on the subject of manners, and then throw in two active teenagers? You get the Hartley family and the fruit of their teamwork! The Teenage Book of Manners…Please! didn’t come out of an ivory tower, it’s down to earth and speaks to teenagers right where they are. “Get real” and share this book with your teen today!
Author: Fred Hartley and Family
Illustrator: Al Hartley
ISBN: 978-971-789-009-8
Pages: 223
Dimensions: 5.5x8.25
Weight: 270g
Language: English
Recommended Ages: 14,15,16,17
Publication Year: 1991
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The Teenage Book of Manners
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