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The Family Book of Manners

NO ONE IS BORN WITH MANNERS, NOT EVEN PARENTS. BUT AS SOON AS YOUR FAMILY - - YES, FROM THE AGE OF RHYMES TO THE AGE OF REASON - - HAS MASTERED THE FAMILY BOOK OF MANNERS, GOOD MANNERS WILL BE SECOND NATURE TO EVERYONE. Manners, after all, are more than knowing which fork to use and how to properly introduce a friend. They form the core of lasting relationship because manners come straight from the heart. The family that practices good manners is one that knows the real meaning of love.
Author: Hermine Hartley
Illustrator: Al Hartley
ISBN: 978-971-789-010-4
Pages: 189
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5
Weight: 250g
Lesson: Manners
Language: English
Recommended Ages: 12,13,14,15
Publication Year: 1990
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The Family Book of Manners
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