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The Adventures of Gabby Ghas

The Adventures of Gabby Ghas, a children’s book, is the newest book of the Asia Rice Foundation (ARF). Gabby Ghas is the story of a tiny grain of palay who wants to know his place in the world. On his journey he encounters seedlings, weeds, predatory insects, and pesticide officers who protect the ever-precious rice plants from harm - all help to make Gabby Ghas realize how truly special he is. Youngsters will be delighted at the 32-page children’s book in Gabby’s exciting adventures as he is hulled and then milled, and sold to market, to his moment of destiny on a hungry boy’s plate.
Gabby Ghas
Author: Virna Karla A. Sebastian, Erika Thea H. Ajes, Aya M. Arce, Asia Rice Foundation
Illustrator: Eisen Bernard V. Bernardo
ISBN: 9789716301632
Pages: 30
Lesson: How rice is grown and harvested
Language: English
Recommended Ages: 6,7,8,
Publication Year: 2009
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The adventures of Gabby Ghas
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