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Seeking A Better Life Abroad: A Study of Filipinos in Canada

This book portrays the experiences of half a million or so Filipinos in Canada. It depicts their reasons for migrating, the challenges they faced, and how they fared in Canada of the last fifty years. It recounts how Filipino professionals, skilled workers, sponsored family members, business investors, and contract workers sought a better life abroad. Each chapter ends with advice from Filipino-Canadians, based on their experiences, to Filipinos interested in migrating to Canada.

Using data from a nationwide survey, in-depth interviews, and focus groups, the authors explain the sense of community among Filipino-Canadians, changes in the Filipino family in Canada, the success and failure of Filipino businesses, Filipino linkages with government agencies, and their ties with relatives and friends in the Philippines. This book focuses on the problems of Filipino domestic workers and live-in caregivers, the aging of the first wave of Filipino migrants, and the integration of young Filipino-Canadians into Canada's multicultural society. It concludes with the contributions of Filipinos to Canada's economic and social development.
Author: Eleanor del Rio-Laquian
and Aprodicio A. Laquian
ISBN: 9789712720345
Pages: 438
Dimensions: 8.75×5.75
Weight: 535g
Language: English
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Publication Year: 2008
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Seeking A Better Life Abroad
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