ANAK Publishing Worker Co-op

Anak Publishing CoopANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative Ltd. was created in 2009 to provide valuable, culturally relevant Filipino-Canadian resources to the public.

It is an affiliate of the non-profit organization Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK) Inc. and supports its mandate to share, learn and preserve Filipino-Canadian heritage and culture through resource, education, and mentorship.

Its membership is comprised of local artists and authors who portray the Filipino-Canadian experience in Winnipeg. Sales from publications support ANAK programming and local employment.

ANAK Publishing believes in building important social capital for its members and community. Each member plays a valuable role as an equal partner of the enterprise. Members prescribe to Community Economic Development (CED) principles, which observe the operational needs of the enterprise and the wider interests of the community it is an active part of.

As outlined by the International Cooperative Alliance, ANAK Publishing believes in:

The Seven Cooperative Principles

Voluntary and Open Membership
Democratic Member Control
Member Economic Participation
Autonomy and Independence
Education, Training and Information
Cooperation Among Cooperatives
Concern for Community

 If you would like to join ANAK Publishing as a member, please visit Member Information