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Men Who Overturned Empires

In his engaging, informative accounts of men such Jawaharlal Nehru of India, Sukarno of Indonesia, and Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, the eminent historian Hugh Tinker illuminates the varying ways in which these distinctive personalities led their countries into independence from Western colonial rule. The author traces their paths to the leadership of national movements, analyzes their methods in challenging colonial powers and conducting their demands for independence, and relates their fortunes when their countries finally shook off the shackles of colonial domination. Throughout the book, Tinker is concerned to portray his leaders as human beings, not supermen: as men with vulnerabilities as well as strengths; as men who could fail as well as prevail. That their achievements were so significant and enduring makes tham all the more remarkable.
Men Who Overturned Empires
Author: Hugh Tinker
ISBN: 0-299-11460-0
Pages: 272
Lesson: History
Language: English
Recommended Ages:
Publication Year: 1987
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