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May Higante Sa Aming Bahay

Sina Nanay, Ate, at Kuya ay abalang-abala. May darating daw sa aming bahay, kaya hindi sila mapalagay. Laking gulat ko nang dumating ang isang higante! Sintangkad siya ng poste ng koryente at sinlapad ng aming eskaparate. Sino ba siya? Bakit may higante sa aming bahay? Nanay, Ate, and Kuya are really busy. There's someone coming to our house that's why they're so occupied. I was really surprised that a giant has arrived! He's as tall as an electrical post and as wide as the closet. Who is he? Why is there a giant in our house?
May Higante Sa Aming Bahay
Author: Rhandee Garlitos
Illustrator: Ferdinand Guevara
Awards: 2009 PBBY-Salanga Writers Prize / 2009 PBBY-Alcala Illustrators Prize
ISBN: 978-971-508-351-5
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 7x9
Weight: 90g
Lesson: Father's love, Plight of Overseas Workers
Language: Filipino with English translation
Recommended Ages: 8,9
Publication Year: 2009
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May Higante Sa Aming Bahay
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