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Kid’s Bible Story Book

The Kid’s Bible Story Book has been especially written for children ages eight through twelve years old. New part and chapter titles have been added to create a more modern sense of adventure. New also to this edition are the “Think About It” sections that follow every chapter. The questions posed here may cover the facts of the story, challenge the child to examine his or her own heart or life, or seek to define the character of God and God’s role in their life. The Kid’s Bible Story Book…a great way to introduce your child to the best of all books.
Author: Jesse Lyman Hulbut
Illustrator: Marvin Jarbo
ISBN: 978-971-789-173-6
Pages: 363
Dimensions: 5.25x8.25
Weight: 400g
Language: English
Recommended Ages: 7,8,9,10
Publication Year: 1994
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Kid's Bible Story Book
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