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From Manila to Manitoba Vol.1

This volume features Dr. Jose Belmonte, the presentation of his oral history, and the exploration of his Filipino and Canadian experiences including: his experience as a boy in Japanese occupied Philippines during the Second World War; his experience as a medical graduate in the Philippines and later as a medical intern in Canada; links between his eventual settlement in Winnipeg and the evolution of the Philippines' elite and their dominance in politics; and his experience witnessing Canada's medical system transition to publicly funded care under Tommy Douglas.
From Manila to Manitoba Volume 1
Author: Darlyne Bautista
ISBN: 978-0-9878567-1-5
Pages: 44
Dimensions: 11x8.5
Lesson: Filipino-Canadian History, Winnipeg History, Oral History
Language: English
Recommended Ages:
Publication Year: 2012
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From Manila to Manitoba Vol.1
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