Families and Kids

Growing up  in Winnipeg has a lot of special meaning. We live in a multicultural city with an equally diverse Filipino-Canadian community. Children grow up knowing that we are all deserving of a heritage and history to celebrate.

ANAK Filipiniana and Books wants children to grow up with the confidence they need to develop their self-identity. Give them the right start with literacy activities that reflect the Filipino-Canadian experience.

Tips to introduce the Filipino language to your child

1) Learn together. Read together.

Filipino-Canadian parents have different linguistic abilities in Filipino. Some may be fluent, most may be able to comprehend (but are uncomfortable speaking), while others may have no acquaintance with the language at all. Whatever your ability may be, remember that learning a language takes time. So, it is important to encourage your children to start at an early age. Begin by practicing the Filipino alphabet with your child (as seen in the Youtube video above). Read together and expand your vocabulary together!

2) Get immersed in the Filipino-Canadian community

Where is Winnipeg

Winnipeg is bustling with a number of Filipino shops and businesses all throughout the North End, West End, Tyndall Park, and Maples areas. Take a moment to visit your favorite Filipino store or restaurant in town. Make sure to communicate in Filipino! There are endless learning opportunities that await you and your child!

3) Don’t be shy! Practice, practice, practice!

Speak Filipino as often as possible – with your children, family, friends, and community! Take advantage of your child’s school breaks (especially during the summer) to encourage them to speak Filipino everyday. Have your child read to you in Filipino! Practice conversing in Filipino together. Whatever linguistic level you are, don’t be shy!

4) Be creative and have fun!

Keep your child interested in learning like this little guy on Youtube playing Pinoy Henyo (word guessing game). Play Filipino games with your child!

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