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Don’t Take a Bath on a Friday

For better or worse, superstitions and folk beliefs have influenced the lives of generations of Filipinos. From brooding over broken mirrors to never taking a bath on a Friday, these deeply-rooted beliefs reveal much about the Filipino psyche. National Bool Award winner Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz’s thoughtful selections and Katti Sta.Ana’s droll illustrations make for a delightful compendium of our most familiar and fascinating beliefs. A gift book for friends of all ages. Ilaw ng Tahanan Publishing
Author: Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz
Illustrator: Katti Sta. Ana
ISBN: 9716300603
Pages: 71
Dimensions: 5.25x7.5
Weight: 100g
Lesson: Philippine Superstitions and Folk Beliefs
Language: English
Recommended Ages: 13,14,15,16
Publication Year: 1996
Product #073
Don't Take a Bath on a Friday
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