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Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK) examines the transnational and cross-cultural experiences of migrant families and second generation Canadians. Our studies are based on over half a decade of academic research and community programming in areas such as youth mentorship, multicultural education, heritage studies, and oral history.

ANAK employs quantitative, qualitative, and archival research as well as multilingual surveys and interviews to guarantee a high degree of validity in programming and research. ANAK is able to assist with the evaluation and enhancement of educational measures with a multicultural lens.

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Key Topics

Video: ‘FOB of the FOBs’ written and performed by students from St. John’s, Sisler and DMCI High Schools
  • Acculturation and Integration of Immigrant Youth
  • Youth and Identity Formation
  • Inter-generational conflict
  • Philippine heritage studies
  • Filipino-Canadian heritage studies

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