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Asian Drama: An Inquiry Into the Poverty of Nations

"..Swedish social scientist, Gunnar Myrdal, Asian Drama - An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations. Published in 1968, it is now largely forgotten - except for its inordinate length; but, for a number of years, it was required reading for development specialists. Myrdal's book was about the countries of South and South East Asia. He was pessimistic about their development prospects. His analysis - and his pessimism - was mainly focused on India, but he extended this to Indonesia and other countries as well. He believed that traditional power structures were likely to persist, but that unless there was change, the chances of economic take-off were slim. He believed that governments in the region were too "soft" - he invented the term the 'soft state' - unable to enforce the discipline that was needed to implement their development plans. He concluded reluctantly that democracy might not be the best system for achieving this and - overriding his concern for individual liberty - that authoritarian regimes might do it better." - Tim Lankester in Asian Affairs 35.3 (November 2004), p.291.
Asian Drama
Author: Gunnar Myrdal
ISBN: 0-394-71730-9
Pages: 464
Lesson: Economics, History
Language: English
Recommended Ages:
Publication Year: 1971
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