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A First Look At Philippine Fishes, Birds, & Butterflies

How is barracuda different from a manta ray? A Cabbage butterfly from a green dragontail? A parrot from a Philippine eagle? Tahanan's First Look at... series aims to sharpen a young child's skills of observation in a world gloriously teeming with plants and animal life. Each book profiles ten types of flora or fauna in the Philippines. Acclaimed science author Maria Elena Paterno and botanist Lolita J. Bulalacao shared two goals in writing these books: to help children understand basic classification in biology and zoology, and to open their eyes to the diversity of the world around them. Artist Crispin Dayao's images are so beguilingly real that readers will want to pluck them right off the page.
Author: Maria Elena Paterno
Illustrator: Crispin Dayao, Jr.
ISBN: 971-630-057-3, 971-630-056-5, 971-630-072-7
Pages: 24 (x3)
Dimensions: 8x8
Weight: 300g
Lesson: Nature
Language: English
Recommended Ages: 6,7,8,9,10
Publication Year: 1999
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A First Look At Philippine Fishes
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